I have a current passport and certificate of birth

 I’m just a normal person with some sadness and some mirth.

   The neighbours can attest I live alone within my house

     Ever since the death, untimely, of my late lamented spouse.


                        But I don’t know how to handle it,

                        And I’m feeling rather blue.

                        In a single person household

                        When you call me “Person Two”.


         Then I square my sturdy shoulders and face life with honour true

         Tell myself some greats before me answered to Number Two.

         Life can still be happy. Your pride is still intact.

         The apportioning of a number does not make such rank a fact.


And one has the satisfaction

That one must be one of few,

In a single person household

To be “Person Number Two”.


       Then the census man stopped calling. “Not a job for Number Two!

       I will not leave a form here for you wouldn’t have a clue.

       You may be a candidate for Mensa, but it simply can’t be done,

       You cannot do a census without a ‘Person Number One’.”


                        If my pen were made of burnished gold,

                        This would nonetheless be true,

                        Though a single person household,

                         I am “Person Number Two”

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