Consider Guns NaPoWriMo 4

Catapults are sporting when the acorns hit an oak tree,
Arrows can be admirable in a “bullseye” or an apple, 
Guns can hit clay pigeons and can win Olympic medals
Or can tear apart a target with  a satisfactory “thwump”.
But flesh belongs to all of us on earth alive.

Animals dismember one another’s flesh when hungry.
Sometimes they do it when they’re filled with fear or rage.
But we’re proud we have minds that can consider.
Consider what?
Consider the consequences, consider the fun?
Consider the flesh we wish to pierce in sport and war?
That flesh that belongs to each of us on earth alive?

So consider this; our National Parks for hunting prey 
And Rangers wanting their own flesh protected,
The modeling to infants in their schools
That to protect their flesh we aim a gun at others.
But worst of all, young men convinced,
Brainwashed indeed, that the power of guns will save the world.
Those guns that fire remotely, automatically and from drones 
To pierce the flesh of people yet unknown.
Yet again consider this,
That flesh belongs to all of us on earth alive.


~ by Anne Powles on April 4, 2013.

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