Superannuation NaPoWriMo 3

My Granny was a teacher,
And so was dear old Pa,
After hanging up their blackboards,
They were poorer – and by far.
They tended to their roses,
They made their sausage rolls,
And lived a simple lifestyle.
Much better for their souls?

My teacher Mum stopped working
As soon as she was wed
In the days that feminism
Had not reared its vipered head.
My Dad, the single earner
Worked hard for many a year,
They enjoyed, in short retirement,
Their hard won home so dear.

Now I might be only jealous
As my Super all went bust,
But the people all around me
Find now life is at its best.
They’re on annual pilgrimages 
To places far and wide
Or doing up their houses
So they’re beautiful inside.

Pensions are important,
And a good life too, 
But as we’re growing older
We should need less to do. 
A peaceful quiet retirement
Should comfort our last years,
Making gentle, happy memories,
As we leave this vale of tears.


~ by Anne Powles on April 3, 2013.

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