The Birth of a Baby

A baby’s birth, a miracle
Of different layers of emotion.

The Personal – a piece of you and yours
Coming into the world
Carrying on the name, the ethos
And yet adding its own stamp.

The Expectation – what can this child,
Untapped potential, yet unnamed,
Unknown to those around who already care for it,
Give to the world?
Will it be a saviour or a burden
Or, like most of us, a part of both?

The Soul – individual yet another human.
How will it feel? How will it love?
Will this soul reach the highest
Or be content to gently stroke the lowest
With its beauty?

The Physical – will it wave its tiny fist
Or grasp a loving finger in its clench
As it readies itself to face the world
In its own right?
Its wrinkly skin not yet fitting its little body.
Its screwed up eyes of unknown hue opening
To make an indelible impression
Upon us and the world.

And now she’s here. Yasmin.
Just herself.
For herself is all.


~ by Anne Powles on October 3, 2011.

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